Re-Invent Your Sales Process With CRM

There is so much more to a CRM system than simply tracking your outbound sales calls. In fact, there are many features within that can be used to boost your sales efforts and gear up your employee’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Centralise Information
A CRM will allow you to pull information from various sources and compile it in one, easily accessible area. This will afford your sales team the ability to locate any information needed to carry out the task at hand, without having to waste time trawling through multiple sources.

Streamline Your Processes

As you will be all too aware, at times certain tasks can begin to mount up causing a bottleneck, which can ultimately slow your sales process down. Through the CRM system you will be able to easily identify the problem areas and climate them.

Gain full control over your sales process, streamline your services and provide your sales force with a well-structured and functional day.

Get Your Leads to the Right Salesperson

Gone are the days of letting solid leads fall through the cracks. With a CRM system you will be able to automate your lead delivery and ensure that the appropriate sales person will be able to convert them into a paying customer.

This system will analyse the leads authenticity and likelihood of conversion. This can be scored in a sort of ‘traffic’ light system, indicating how ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ a potential lead is. This frees up your management to focus less time on delegation and more time on other important tasks.

Automating the Email Process

Handling emails is one of the key tasks that any sales force must perform, though it can ultimately take them away from focusing their attentions on precious sales calls. Thankfully, automating emails is one of the easiest functions to implement in a modern CRM system.

You can easily manage anything from simple reminders, individual or bulk emails, to streamlining and handling an email marketing campaign. This is a fool-proof process that will ensure that no client falls through the cracks, allowing your sales team to feel confident when staying on top of everything.

And the beauty of it all; it literally only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Your sales team with be able to take their organisation to the next level.

Elevate Competition with Incentivised Ranking
Through the CRM system you can boost performance, productivity and the overall morale of your sales force. This can be done through a ranking or points-based system, allowing your sales team to gauge their individual performance against their colleagues and offer them the opportunity to aim higher.

The purpose of this system is not to alienate those who do not perform so well, but to incentivise them to push harder, improve their sales approach and ultimately climb higher on the rankings. It will also allow you to easily identify the stronger performers and those who may need more training and encouragement.

You can approach this however you like, whether offering extra days off or cash prizes etc.  A sales team thrives when there is a healthy competitive spirit among them.

There are of course, many ways in which a CRM can improve not only the sales process, but countless other aspects of your business. Take your business to the next level.