What We Can Expect to See from the Cloud in 2018 and Beyond

Cloud computing is still in its infancy. While it is readily available on many platforms, many internet users are still choosing to store their files locally instead. Current trends, however, indicate that the cloud is here to stay and is only going to become more widespread in the coming years. Here’s a look at some of the ways in which we can expect to see developments in the cloud in the not too distant future.

what we can expect to see

1.  A Considerable Increase in Cloud Platforms

As the uptake in the use of the cloud increases, so we will inevitably see a rise in the number of platforms that take advantage of it. With an increase in the number of cloud platforms available, we will also see an increase in the variety of platforms. Software and hardware manufacturers will continue to look for ways to bring something new to the market, and we will see more and more innovative ways to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

2. Enhanced Storage Capacity and Functionality

With more people using the cloud, it is only natural that the storage capacity will need to increase. Individual users’ demands are also likely to increase and place more of a burden on storage facilities. As a result, we can expect to see a considerable increase in both storage capacity and functionality. A study by Cisco estimated that cloud storage capacity in 2018 will almost double the capacity available in 2017. This increase in capacity is also likely to mean that costs for bespoke requirements are likely to become less expensive.

3. The Rise of the Internet of Everything

The internet of everything refers to the concept of everything being connected with everything else, be it people, devices, information and anything that can be accessed by the internet. While we are already connected to a degree, cloud computing will enhance such connections. The internet of everything is broader than the internet of things, which is a term describing how our devices are connected directly to the net. The internet of everything will give marketers so much more information regarding their customers’ habits and could give rise to new platforms that will revolutionise the way we shop, among other things.

4. Faster Internet Speeds

The speed of the internet has increased significantly in recent years, and it looks set to continue to improve. The improvement in internet services in 2018 and beyond will be largely driven by the increase in the use of the cloud, and the need for increased bandwidth and faster access and downloading of files. With a fresh emphasis on the need for enhanced internet services, service providers could be unrolling 5G at some point during 2018.

5. Enhanced Cloud Security

One reason for the relatively slow uptake of cloud usage so far is the perceived weak security associated with it. Many people simply do not feel comfortable with having their sensitive information stored on 3rd party servers and choose to store them locally instead. While this reputation is largely undeserved, there will still be efforts in 2018 to improve the security of the cloud further. This will help to provide reassurance that it is safe to use, helping many people to choose to make the switch. In 2018 and beyond, we may see security systems found in cloud servers that you are not likely to find except for the highest security installations.

There’s a good chance that you are aware of what the cloud is and may even have considered using it yourself. In 2018 and beyond, though, there is likely to be far more incentive to make the switch than ever before.

Re-Invent Your Sales Process With CRM

There is so much more to a CRM system than simply tracking your outbound sales calls. In fact, there are many features within that can be used to boost your sales efforts and gear up your employee’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Centralise Information
A CRM will allow you to pull information from various sources and compile it in one, easily accessible area. This will afford your sales team the ability to locate any information needed to carry out the task at hand, without having to waste time trawling through multiple sources.

Streamline Your Processes

As you will be all too aware, at times certain tasks can begin to mount up causing a bottleneck, which can ultimately slow your sales process down. Through the CRM system you will be able to easily identify the problem areas and climate them.

Gain full control over your sales process, streamline your services and provide your sales force with a well-structured and functional day.

Get Your Leads to the Right Salesperson

Gone are the days of letting solid leads fall through the cracks. With a CRM system you will be able to automate your lead delivery and ensure that the appropriate sales person will be able to convert them into a paying customer.

This system will analyse the leads authenticity and likelihood of conversion. This can be scored in a sort of ‘traffic’ light system, indicating how ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ a potential lead is. This frees up your management to focus less time on delegation and more time on other important tasks.

Automating the Email Process

Handling emails is one of the key tasks that any sales force must perform, though it can ultimately take them away from focusing their attentions on precious sales calls. Thankfully, automating emails is one of the easiest functions to implement in a modern CRM system.

You can easily manage anything from simple reminders, individual or bulk emails, to streamlining and handling an email marketing campaign. This is a fool-proof process that will ensure that no client falls through the cracks, allowing your sales team to feel confident when staying on top of everything.

And the beauty of it all; it literally only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Your sales team with be able to take their organisation to the next level.

Elevate Competition with Incentivised Ranking
Through the CRM system you can boost performance, productivity and the overall morale of your sales force. This can be done through a ranking or points-based system, allowing your sales team to gauge their individual performance against their colleagues and offer them the opportunity to aim higher.

The purpose of this system is not to alienate those who do not perform so well, but to incentivise them to push harder, improve their sales approach and ultimately climb higher on the rankings. It will also allow you to easily identify the stronger performers and those who may need more training and encouragement.

You can approach this however you like, whether offering extra days off or cash prizes etc.  A sales team thrives when there is a healthy competitive spirit among them.

There are of course, many ways in which a CRM can improve not only the sales process, but countless other aspects of your business. Take your business to the next level.

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Dated, Legacy CRM System?

The answer is probably yes. We humans are a peculiar bunch, we love routine and loathe change; recoiling before the prospect of having to unlearn that which we’ve become so comfortably accustomed.

If you’re currently running with a legacy CRM system, then you’ll likely know exactly where I am coming from. It has no doubt served you well so far, helping you grow your business from a mere start up, to where you currently stand in the marketplace today.

You’ve invested time, effort and a great deal of money into the system and with that you build up an understandable level of attachment as well. All that being said; it is vital to recognise that just as times change, so too do our technological capabilities.

Consult Everyone – Consider Everything

Naturally, tearing up your current CRM system and replacing it with something new and alien to you is not an easy decision to make. In this light, it is important that you consult all those who will be affected by the change. While shareholders and management will ultimately make the final call, you should also consult your sales people, given that they rely on it in their day to day.

Find out which features your staff think really work and would not be without, and which they believe to be dated or obsolete. This information will be invaluable when it comes to finding a new CRM system to replace your current one with.

You will be able to make a wholehearted and well-informed decision, with confidence in the fact that your new system will blend well with your business.

3 Factors to Consider When Replacing Your CRM

Find the Right Time

There’s no time like now time. If your current CRM system is beginning to show its age, and you’re growing to realise that not making the transition will ultimately hold your business up in the long run; then you’re going to have to jump on it as soon as possible.

Of course, replacing an existing legacy CRM system with an upgraded, hosted version is no simple task and has the potential to be somewhat disruptive to your sales process. That is why it is so important for you to carefully consider the following:

Find the Right Partner

Deciding on who to work with when updating your current CRM system is very important. Naturally you need to feel confident in your new partners ability to implement the system with little to no downtime, with zero loss of data.

Use the Right Software

An equally important decision, as this new system will have to be a worthwhile upgrade with evident advantages. You will also need to decide on a software with streamlined usability, proven success rates and one that will ultimately gel with your business model and workforce.


We understand that the prospect of potentially reshaping the way that your business runs in an incredibly daunting one. If you would like to explore this further, and seek advice on how to proceed then please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.

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