What is it the Driving Force Behind Businesses Moving to the Cloud?

More and more businesses are turning to the cloud in a strive to transform their business, and to streamline the way that they operate. However, what is the main driving force behind this transition? What is it about the cloud that has so many businesses excited about embracing the change?

Another common question that we’re asked by our potential clients when they’re considering our CRM cloud solutions; is whether it’s as safe and effective as it’s cracked up to be. So, in this article, we’re going to provide you with all of the information that you’ll need, so that you can decide as to whether or not the cloud is for you!

#1 –Predictable pricing

One of the biggest driving forces behind companies switching to cloud-based solutions as opposed to managing everything in house, is the notion that it will make costs more predictable for businesses. This is a double-edged-sword of sorts, as predictable pricing carries the illusion that there are smaller costs involved, or that you’re always going to be saving money. Needless to say, this isn’t always the case, particularly if you’re rolling with the larger corporations. The fact, just as any other industry in the world, the more a business grows, the less they tend to value their customers needs, thus their pricing tends to be more favourable for them, as opposed to the customer. They can be up-front about hosting, yet ambiguous about maintenance. It all depends on who you decide to choose. A lot of research is involved with finding the most appropriate provider for you.

#2 – Security

Security is another big one that is driving businesses to the cloud. For smaller businesses who can’t afford to purchase enterprise-class security systems, or incredibly talented IT staff who can keep their in-house systems entirely secure; they’re attracted to cloud-based systems under the idea that they can have access to enterprise-level security by allowing their cloud provider take care of it for them. Whilst this is largely the case, there have been a number of security issues with hackers targeting cloud providers and compromising the integrity of their systems. Many people argue that moving to cloud-based systems has left their business more exposed to cyber-threats. The question is, were you any more secure when handling everything in-house on your own?

#3 – Simplicity

The two previous points aside (as they’re still very much under debate), what is arguably the most attractive thing about switching to cloud-based solutions for businesses, is the simplicity that comes with the change. As a businesses grows, the need to streamline their business becomes greater. It gets harder and harder to track and manage your client accounts and other important aspects of your business, without a simple and easy to use system that can handle absolutely everything for you. This is why so many businesses are turning to cloud-based CRM solutions. And there is no debate that with the right company, businesses can truly experience some simple, efficient, and user-friendly systems.


The first two points, predictable pricing and security were outlined with a little negativity. Please don’t let this frighten you off—but it is important for you to be aware of the facts: not all cloud-based solutions are as cheap and efficient as they’re made out to be, nor are they all entirely secure. However, if you do your due-diligence and choose a reputable company with a proven track record, then you can rest assured that you will pay a fair price for your cloud-based solutions, and they will be as secure as they can be.

Unfortunately, hackers are relentless in their quest to find new and “innovative” ways of compromising security systems. However, most reputable CRM and cloud-based providers are always one step ahead.

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